Friday, 13 January 2012

Willing and Abel.

DATE OF BIRTH: 10/01/94
HEIGHT: 5'11
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Tall. Most don't realize this for a few months because he's usually bent over or absent. Has long arms, great for reaching things. His eyesight is poor (see Negative Traits). Average height hair. Lankier build than most in his arms, but average build in the rest of his body. Constant smile.
PSYCHIATRIC DESCRIPTION: Crazy. However, when frightened for others or himself, he becomes highly tactical. His thoughts, although crazy, are all connected by thin veils of thought which require extreme studies to be understood. In addition, he needs to always be a Fear's servant, as he has been one since he was born, and reacts violently if not under a Fear.
POSITIVE TRAITS: Abel cares for all of those who he is constant contact with, and can't bear to see them hurt. He has First-Aid training, which comes in useful when battling Fears without access to a doctor. Surprisingly good at using a scythe, but never has one in his possession due to his sonic screwdriver (see Negative Traits). Good at running away from things, if needed. Can play the air violin which extreme grace. Has the tendency to bring unnecessary items which become useful later on. Skilled in long-range combat, if supplied the opportunity.
NEGATIVE TRAITS: Wears high tops which frequently have loose laces (he holds up people around him when running). Believes that his "sonic screwdriver" has actual power and refuses to use other weapons. Needs corrective lenses to see. His lung capacity is good, meaning that he can talk for hours on end only taking a few breaths. He has a tendency to have random outbursts of, well, randomness, which can cause his brain to move faster than his mouth, resulting in a speech impediment (a stutter).

 Above: Abel was in Europe once on a stealth mission
Above: Why do people allow him to exist?

Abel "Achilles" Parker.
Servant of The Unnamed Child's Extension Fear, Deimos.
Best friend and eternal companion to Ezekiel Shepard.
Pain and sorrow await you in the future.
In these days, love will be what keeps you from harm.
A love you are blind to.

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